Aquariums sets listed on Northeast Aquariums will come with the manufacturer's warranty. 

On sets that don't, we have developed our own Northeast Aquariums warranty to give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your aquarium without worry. To see the type of warranty offered, please see the product page.

See the Northeast Aquariums Warranty below:



 Northeast Aquariums covers all aquariums within the Northeast Aquarium brand, are NOT applicable on aquariums that are manufactured elsewhere.

 Northeast Aquariums provides a 2 year warranty on all aquariums against defects in materials and workmanship, valid from the original date of purchase. Northeast Aquariums will either repair or replace the aquarium free of charge. Our warranty is extended only to the original purchaser, when provided a receipt or proof of purchase showcasing the date of purchase and your full name.

Any external damages to the aquarium are not included in the warranty. Our warranty will not cover failures which result from abuse, neglect, improper installations, or any alterations or modifications to the original tank or stand structure. Alterations include but are not limited to: the drilling of holes, the removal of the tank bracing, the modification of the original aquarium furniture. All tanks must be levelled in usage. Please note: our team does a careful inspection before shipping out an aquarium to ensure condition; any aesthetic wear and tears, especially due to installation, setup, or general usage are not included in the warranty. 

For cabinets and canopies, any damages caused by water, improper use, abuse, wear and tear, improper care or modifications are not covered by warranty. Cosmetic flaws/defects and damage caused by water are not covered by warranty. This warranty does not cover the scope of incidents outside the structural integrity and usage of the tank.

 We do not cover, nor shall Northeast Aquariums be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of our products or arising from a breach of this warranty. 

To claim the warranty, the defected aquarium MUST BE kept in its original location, in case of necessary inspection. If the tank is removed or discarded, the warranty will be void. This warranty is NOT applicable on tanks that are not used with our stands.

For transit damage incidents, please see the shipping policy. All transit claims MUST be reported to us within 2 days of receival, or risk voiding the policy.